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We know it’s tempting to skip these Privacy Policy, but it’s important to establish what you can expect from us as you use our services, When you use our services, you’re trusting us, We understand that this is a big responsibility

Privacy Policy

This App Don't Collect Any Of Your Private Or Personal Information And Also Not Collect What Calculations You Done Using The App,

Besides this privacy policy, we also publish a Terms & Conditions. Although it’s not part of these privacy policy, we encourage you to read it to better understand

This App Uses Some google/third party libraries like firebase etc for analytics purpose like crashes, quality check, performance etc, so you need to refer those privacy policies

By clicking on the links you can visit the google respective privacy policy page

Google Analytics Privacy Policy

Google Analytics Terms Of Service

But We Are Not Responsible If You Use The App In Any Rooted Device And We Are Also Not Responsible If The Database Or App Is Hacked/Compromised, But We Try Hard To Protect Your Non-Private Data

And Some Public Information Which Are Non Private Like Your last app open date, Android Version, Device Manufacturer & Model, App Version Code, How Many Times The App Opened, Language, App Last Opened Date, ISP Location, IP & Time Zone Etc will be send to us from this app.

All the details are stored using your android ID only which will change/reset on every reset of the device.

All The Non-Private Information Said Above Which Are Collected Is Anonymous Depending On Your Android ID (Which Will Change On Every Reset) Stored Safely And Confidentially In Database, And We Will Not Sell/Rent Your Data To Anyone But We Are Not Responsible If You Use The App In Any Rooted Device And We Are Also Not Responsible If The Database Or App Is Hacked/Compromised

Other Conditions:-

You are also agreed to the all permissions requested by the app, and also developer adviser and translators are not responsible for any problems you faced in the app and any content or sections which is improper to you, You are also agreed to all google android open source project content licenses, google fcm license and all the google terms and conditions related to android project and google Firebase, admob and adwords etc

Limitation of Liability:-

This App developer(KOVVURI GOPALA KRISHNA REDDY) or Publisher(Q Infro) is not responsible for any wrong calculations, results, faults and issues discovered or found by the user at the time of usage or else, and also this app developer is not responsible for any malpractice or illegal activities done by user or users by using this app, and you are only responsible for using this app.

Modification of These Terms and Conditions of Use:-

This app developer(KOVVURI GOPALA KRISHNA REDDY) or Publisher(Q Infro) has the right to change these privacy policy from time to time without any prior notice as it sees fit and your continued use of the app will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these privacy policy. User is required to check privacy policy at every visit. No notification communication will be done subject to change in privacy policy.

All these Privacy Policies are Applicable for the App(Reckoner - Multi Calculator(All-In-One Calculator)).

By Using The App(Reckoner - Multi Calculator(All-In-One Calculator)) You Have Agreed All The Privacy Policy Mentioned In This Page